Friday, April 22, 2011

Mechanical teachers advantages and disadvantages- Fixed

The story "The Fun They Had" by Isaac Asimov talks(ww. - is) about a child who lives in the year 2157. The child found a book in his attic, and the book was a very rare thing to find in his time. The book tells him about how the children were used to learn a long time ago, in schools and with a real human teacher. The boy thought that book was funny because he did not know this learning method. In 2157 all the children learn in their own house with a mechanical teacher.

Our way of learning has many advantages. Human teachers can understand how you feel and not just to be your teacher, they can even be your friends. In addtion, learning in schools help(s) the children develop a social life, because they have many children the same age in their class.However,sometimes, teachers teach too fast and the students fall behind and can not always catch up with the class. Also, some teachers do not pass(ww.-teach) the mateiral(sp.) truly(ww.) and therefore the students don't do well on the tests.

The advantages of the way of learning in 2157 are:(This is not the way to present arguments in an essay) Each student can program his mechanical teacher to the time he wants to learn, therefore, the student can awake whenever he wants. In addtion, each mechanical teacher is an expert in one subject, so he teaches the subject in the best way and he can't make mistakes.The disadvantges of the way of learning in  2157 are: The mechanical teacher can be broken and it takes a lot of time to fix it, meanwhile, you do not learn this subject at all. Moreover,when you learn in your home with a mechanical teacher, you do not need to get out from your house and this causes a problem because you do not meet new friends and you do not have (a) social life.
To conclude, in my opinion, the best way of learning is the same way as we learn today, with a teacher and in schools because each person, especially students, need(s) a social life. In addtion, human teachers have feelings and can understand you better. I suggest to stop working on mechanical teachers and start Investing more in our way of education, because this is the best way of learning today and the best way that learning will ever be.

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